I recently landed an audio book job for Harper/Collins publishing on  http://voices.com .   This is the largest project I’ve had to date and while it was an entertaining book, I found that audio book projects are much more difficult than I had anticipated when you are the one doing the reading, acting,  recording and editing.  Those annoying little noises your mouth can make while speaking seem to get amplified when working on a project like this.  I tried to control the “saliva clicks” as best as I could (sorry to be gross) but they persisted and I found myself doing several takes to nail one without the clicks or pops.  Would love to hear any tips on helping to control saliva carry and the mouth/voice noises associated with it.

Unlike many of the smaller jobs I’ve worked on, audio books take some  hard work, endurance and a lot of patience.  Overall it was a great experience and a nice addition to me resume.

Once completed, I’ll be posting a sample on my web site at http://www.paulhernandezvoiceman.com