While I believe it’s best to audition from my home studio, there have been occasions when I’ve been on the road or away from my studio and come across a job posting that I felt was a good fit for me and had wished that I had a simple set up for my iPhone so that I could audition for it. 

A while back on Voices.com I learned about an iPhone app called iAudition designed for voice actors by voice actors http://www.everydaygiants.com/iaudition2/.  It’s a simple $6 app that allows you to record, edit and email your auditions.  While the iPhone mic is okay, I was hoping to find a way to plug an XLR cable to my iPhone and use and external mic with it.  I found $30 solution on Amazon.com.  It’s an iPhone Adapter Cable made by Comprehensive.  One end of the cable allows you to plug a 3.5mm jack into the headset slot on your iPhone.  The other end has a female XLR plug and a head set jack.  Here’s a link


 I’ve used the cable with an EV N/D 267 Dynamic Cardioid mic and it’s sound pretty nice.  Certainly not my studio quality, but nice enough for Podcasts, Live Radio Broadcasts and auditions on the go I think.  If you’re looking for something that supports phantom powered mics, I invite you to check out George Whittam’s blog on the Tascam iXZ. http://eldorec.com/eldoblog/

I hope this has been helpful and all the best,

Paul Hernandez, The Guy Next Door Voice