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Paul Hernandez I am a Voice Actor who loves the voiceover field and and exceeding client's expectations. My voice style has been described as friendly, fun conversational and the guy next door. I'm also a Radio DJ and Part-Time Worship Pastor. I love God, doing voice work and enjoy a good laugh and making others laugh too.

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Hacker Protection

Posted by Paul Hernandez on Monday, August 30, 2010, In : Social Networking 

Has your twitter, facebook or other social networking account ever been hacked?  Well it’s happened to me and it can happen to you.  Social networking can be a fun way to keep up with old friends, meet new ones or promote yourself and your business.  But it can also be very frustrating when a hacker breaks into your account and starts sending out spam and junk messages to all of you...

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Hacker, Hacker, Oh How I Hate Thee

Posted by Paul Hernandez on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, In : Social Networking 

How to protect yourself from hackers.


I’ve tried to understand the mind of a hacker, but I’m not sure I ever will.  What is so appealing about breaking into someone’s account and screwing up their lives for the sake of sending out spam messages and garbage links that no one wants?  I guess it’s the same mentality of the “tagger” or spray paint artists who must think, “I’m just going to do this because I can”.  What a waste of a life and talent.  If only they would use th...

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