How to protect yourself from hackers.


I’ve tried to understand the mind of a hacker, but I’m not sure I ever will.  What is so appealing about breaking into someone’s account and screwing up their lives for the sake of sending out spam messages and garbage links that no one wants?  I guess it’s the same mentality of the “tagger” or spray paint artists who must think, “I’m just going to do this because I can”.  What a waste of a life and talent.  If only they would use those skills to help people instead of hurting them.


Recently my twitter account was hacked into.  While I’ve heard of these types of things happening to other people, like they always say, you never think it will happen to you.  After my account was hacked into, people that where part of my network started receiving direct messages from me asking some personal questions and providing links to sites that could help them improve certain aspects of their life with the help of special little blue pills if you catch my drift.  Luckily I was notified by many in my network and was able to address the issue rather quickly.  However, it did cause a headache for me and a lot of wasted time.


In light of this, I thought I’d take my own advice and send out a helpful link that might help you protect your social networking accounts from being hacked into. While this article is specifically about twitter, I believe the same principles can be applied to other social sites and working with computers in general.

Here's the link


I hope you find this useful and if you know a hacker…tell them to stop being a loser and get a real life!

Paul Hernandez