My wife and I started a weight loss program about 12 weeks ago. I was looking to lose 35 lbs and she wanted to lose 38. I hit my goal in just under 8 weeks and Debbie is about three lbs away from her goal. I am lazy when it comes to diets but this has really worked for us. The great thing is I believe it has helped me with my voice over career too because I have way more energy than I did just a couple of months ago. I feel better, healthier and have more endurance for auditions and voice over work.

We were turned on to the program by some friends of ours who have become our health coaches. A system originally developed by doctors to prepare obese patients for lap band surgery. I get no kick backs from this program but enjoy sharing it with others because of what it's done for me. I invite you to check it out for yourself by visiting

Here's to your health!

Paul Hernandez