Voice acting like any other art, is very competitive, but if you have the desire, the heart and a God given gift for this kind of work, you can succeed.  I've been in radio for over a decade but not seriously into voice acting until the last few.  I have found the voice over community very kind, helpful and encouraging.  The best piece of advice I have received from my coaches at the Creative Voice Development Group (Voice Coaches).  If you want to succeed in this business you must decide to be in it for the long hall.  That is precisely what I have chosen to do.  Have I had immediate success... no.  Have I landed every job I've auditioned for... nope.  But I have had fun trying and learning and growing and I continue to see more and more success all the time.  I've landed jobs from east coast to west coast and even over seas.  Doing everything from Elvis GPS voice overs, telephone answering systems, government training narrations to audio books for Harper Collins publishing.  I have had a blast working the jobs I've landed and the ones I didn't land as well.  I thank God for the opportunity and ability He has given me to work in voice overs.  I also thank the voice over community for the kindness and encouragement they have shown me.

I love this business and I love voice acting!


Paul Hernandez, Voice Man