I’ve always been interested in voice over work.  As a kid I pretended to be a radio DJ and did impressions of my favorite celebrities.  As I got older I became interested in voice over work but I’ve said to myself "I'm no Don LaFontaine.  I don't have that big booming movie trailer guy voice.  How could I even compete?"  Well the longer I'm in this field the more I realize that in today's voice over market, getting work isn't about the voice you have as much as it is what you can do with your voice.

My background is in radio.  Voice overs for me at one time were simply "the announcer guy" voice.  You crank out commercials one after the other with the same announcer guy cookie cutter approach.  When I started auditioning for voice over work outside of the station I worked for, I soon realized that my background in “announcing” was more of a hindrance than an aid in landing voice work.


I attended a voice over workshop and decided that if I wanted a career in voice overs, I needed to get serious.  I started taking some training with the Creative Voice Development Group (Voice Coaches) out of Albany, New York.  Here I began to learn that it’s about acting with your voice and not announcing.  No, I don’t have a Don LaFontaine voice, but not every voice over job calls for that type of voice.  Clients usually have a voice style in mind but are looking for a voice that can bring their script to life.  How you approach the read and act out the script is more important than the kind of voice you have.


With lots of hard work and practice, I have been able to land work in audio books, radio and TV commercials, GPS voice overs, video narrations, telephone answering systems and even toy train sets. 


I have learned that I am no Don LaFontaine, but that’s OK. I can get work by being me.  So if you’re interested in the field of voice overs, my advice is to get some training and learn all you can about the business.  


For more details and insights on getting into voice overs read a great blog by Vicki Amorose entitled “So You Want To Be A Voice Over Talent”