Recently I finished recording a comedy music album in the vain of Weird Al Yankovic and the New Zealand comedy duo “Flight of the Conchords”. The purpose of this album initially is to help raise funds to help my son and daughter go on a missions trip to Haiti to work in an orphanage. I am very proud of my kids and wanted to do something to help with their fund raising. So, since I have a warped sense of humor and some musical ability I thought “Why not a comedy music CD?”

I enjoy making people laugh. This album features seven original and oddly humorous songs that I’ve written. The music is performed with just my acoustic guitar and features styles of music like an Elvis Presley ballad, Michael Jackson style pop, some down home blues and even country. Songs sung with lots of emotion and passion to topics in life that don’t really deserve it. I think it’s a combination that’s sure to make you laugh.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks in advance for your support.