I’ve been reading the book “UnMarketing” by Scott Stratten  (which I highly recommend) and was reminded of a recent incident as I read a section about the importance of owning your mistakes in business.

Recently I sent out my voiceover business newsletter to many folks in my email contacts list.  I made the HUGE mistake of not sending the email list out as a “bcc” (or blind carbon copy) email.  So basically, everyone that I sent this to could see all of the other emails on the distribution list.  I felt like a complete idiot and my friends that called me one were correct in doing so.

As soon as I had realized what I had done, I sent out another email (bcc this time) to all the same people apologizing for this huge mistake and asked their forgiveness.  I also pledged never to make such a bonehead mistake again.

The interesting thing to me about this whole ordeal was that besides people being very kind and forgiving of me, I found that I received more responses and interaction with people from my apology email than I had from the original newsletter I sent.  In fact, as of the time of this writing, I reconnected with several old clients and landed two voiceover jobs as a direct result.

So what have I learned from this?  Well, we’re all human and make mistakes, but if we own up to those mistakes most people are generally forgiving and will respect and even reward your honesty with their business.

If you’d like more information about Scott Statten’s book UnMarketing, here’s the link to his site  www.unmarketing.com 

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