Recently I landed a job with a video company who had a client who was difficult to work with.  He was a nice enough person, just very picky about what he wanted. 

The end client loved my voice for the project and my video client asked me to record a couple of takes but did not provide much direction.  Always striving to please the client I sent three very different styled takes.  These were turned down.  A little more direction was given to which I followed to the T.  Again my takes were turned down.  This process continued for what I think was 15 takes or more, much to the disappointment of my video client.

It was then that I suggested doing a phone patch with the three of us on the line.  I told my client, “why don’t we do a conference call with you, me and your client and let him direct me as I record the project for him.  He agreed and we did the phone patch session. 

The client gave me the history of the company and some background information which was helpful.  I said “ why don’t you let me record one take for you and then you can tell me specifically what you want me to change?”  So I read the one take as he listened, he then gave me his direction.  I read the script one more time using his direction and nailed it. The client said “That’s it!  That’s perfect!” and thanked me for my time and effort.

So, what did I learn from this?  Well, I like recording and working on my own because I can work quickly and move on to the next project.  When dealing with difficult clients, however, a phone patch is well worth the time. If I would have suggested a phone patch with this client from the get go, I would have been done with the project in two takes instead of twenty.

Paul Hernandez, The Guy Next Door Voice