So you’re a voice talent working on a long piece and need to mark spots on your audio file where you've make mistakes so that you can find those spots easily when you start your editing process right?  Maybe you clap your hands, snap your fingers, or just make a clicking sound with your mouth or even whistle.  Well I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me, I get tired of doing all that during a long narration piece, especially if I’m having one of those "I can't get my mouth to work" days.  But recently I stumbled on something that I think works great!

I remembered these little party favors when I was a kid that I saw at New Years or at a birthday parties.  Just simple metal noise makers that looked like a little frog or some animal that clicked when you squeeze them.  I thought "hey, that should work pretty well".  So I went looking everywhere for these things but couldn't find one.  Finally, I described it to one clerk and she asked me what I was using them for.  So I told her and described the sound and she said “oh, you mean like a dog training clicker?”  Yes!  That's exactly the kind of sound I was looking fort!  So I went to Petmart and I picked up one of these clickers for about $3 and it works great.

Now when I’m reading a long script I just keep this dog training clicker in my hand and when I make a mistake, I give it a click and it leaves two very distinguishable marks in the wav form that makes it easy to locate your mistakes and pick up lines for editing.  It’s a cheap simple solution that works great for me and that I like much better than clapping, snapping or making clicking noises myself that can take me out of the moment of the read momentarily and mess up my momentum.  Plus my wife now uses it to train me to keep off the couch.

I thought I'd pass this little discovery along and I hope you find it to be as useful a tool as I have.

To your success!

Paul Hernandez, The Guy Next Door Voice