A Not Ready For Prime Time CD

Copyright 2010 

P&J sampler.mp3


Pickles and Jelly is a comedy music album designed to bring some good clean laughs.  Originally created as a fund raiser to send my kids to help out in an orphanage in Haiti.  Inspired by the musical comedy of Weird Al Yankovic and the New Zealand comedy duo “Flight of the Conchords”, this album features seven unusually funny and all original songs written and performed by Paul Hernandez.  Music performed in the styles of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson pop to Leon Redbone blues and Randy Travis country.  Songs sung with lots of emotion and passion to topics in life that don’t deserve it.  A combination that’s sure to make you laugh. 

- This music has been known to cause laughter - 
Also, believe it or not, this music is copyrighted and HAS been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. 
Copying this music is unlawful and just plain wrong, so don't do it.


Contact Paul directly via email.

Or phone Five Four One - Seven Six Zero - Eight Zero Three Five



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